The Boy Visits Paris, take two…

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Yesterday it finally hit me that I’ve only got a week here left, which is shocking and a bit terrifying and sad. My line to people about missing Paris has so far been, yeah it’s gonna be tough and I think I would be a lot more sad if I didn’t have the excitement of moving in with S waiting for me back home. Yesterday though, I was riding home on a bus after wandering through the Jardin du Luxembourg and it really truely hit me that I would be gone soon and this wonderful, amazing, sometimes frustrating experience would be over. I will never again be 21 and living Paris. And that’s something I’ve been mourning a bit, even in the excitement of preparing a new life. This city will always be something special to me. I can’t wait to come back here and explore with my children and show them all my favorite places. But still, I’m sad to be leaving what I have here and now, a life surrounded by wonderful, amazing friends, filled with crazy evenings spent meeting people in metro stations and going in search of a host-family free apartment to get together and party in. So, I’m trying to make this last week or so really count, because, damn, I miss these ladies already.

And now onto the promised recounting of S’s visit to Paris during his spring break in March, because despite the sadness to be leaving, I’m completely and awesomely psyched to be moving in with S and sharing a life with him. And here are some reasons why:

In case you didn’t know, we both LOVE to cook. I’m back at Pearls and Cupcakes in about a week and so much food blogging will be had. Very psyched. The second night he was here, after crashing for a bit, we picked out a recipe for marscapone, spinach, lemon and hazelnut pasta, that was, quite frankly, awesome. What was not so awesome, was S forgetting his credit card in the Boston airport, but we figured out how to transfer money between our accounts and so all was good.

The middle of his visit was pretty calm, so I don’t actually have that many pictures. We walked up to Sacre Coeur and around Montmartre a lot, as it was our neighborhood for his short visit. One afternoon while I had class, S went bowling with the ever amazing Champagne and some other friends near Montparnasse, and then we all went Josselin, which has gained the vaunted title of my favorite crêperie in Paris, so good I couldn’t manage to keep S away from our dessert before I could get a picture.

And so the week passed, hanging out with friends, but mostly just with each other, until Thursday, when we realized, oh hey, we’re in Paris, I suppose we ought to go do Paris things. So we decided that to celebrate my birthday, we should be do the romantic thing and go up the Eiffel Tower. So we did. We waited in line.  S took beautiful, beautiful pictures, just like he always does and we sat and talked and looked out on this city I love. And then we bought a overly expensive glass of wine and huddled together in the cafe since the wind made the tower freaking freezing and watched Bones on my iPod, cause we’re like that.

We had dinner reservations at 10 for Chez l’Ami Jean, so we decided to take the stairs down at around 9 and wander around the 8th a bit. Dinner was quite delicious, though they had sadly run out of the AMAZING duck, so we contented ourselves with the chicken instead. The riz au grand-mère was just as good as the last time and S got some sort of chocolate-orange dessert that was equally inspiring.

On Friday we went to the mosque to get ourselves some tasty, tasty Moroccan food. I had basically the best tagine I’ve had ever in my life and S had amazing couscous. We then took our pastries to go and headed over to Jardin des Plantes. We didn’t have time to do everything we had planned (aka go back to the Grand Galerie de l’Évolution, S’s favorite place in Paris), but we did take advantage of some rare pretty weather to visit the Menagerie, which was pretty much our collective best time had during the duration of the trip.

We’re both big animal dorks to begin with, but then we came across the baby leopard, who proceeded to entertain us for about thirty minutes. S just kept running around taking photos of him, and I was enthralled by his attempts to sneakly stalk the mama leopard’s tail and his frequent tumbles. Some of our best dates have been in zoos, and I’m pretty sure this trip was the evidence that we should just give in and be big dorks and center our travel around science museums and nature attractions. We spent so much time at the menagerie that we were late picking up the makings for our American dinner with my host family. Still, we managed to get everything together and made: mac and cheese, sweet and hot wings, homemade bleu cheese and ranch dressings, and pancakes with chocolate and candied orange for dessert. It was epic. Let me tell you, there is nothing more awesome than a 16 year old boy having his first bite if hot wings. I have never seen my littler host brother look more happy or eat more in one sitting.

Saturday was more chill. We went to an exhibition at l’Institut du Monde Arabe on Napoleon and Egypt, with was interesting, but not outstanding. What was outstanding was the view from the top of the IMA, as well as the fancy shmancy tea time we had at the restaurant at the top.

After the IMA, I decided to go through with my brilliant plan of going through as many things on David Leibowitz’s list of top 10 delicious things in Paris and Dorrie Greenspan’s list of 25 most romantic things to do in Paris as we could in one afternoon. It was EPIC!

We started out getting chocolate covered marshmallows at Pierre Marcolini, then headed over to Pierre Hermé for macarons. This was followed by terrine at Gilles Verot and cheese, olives and wine from la Grande Epicerie. We had a bit of a time finding that, but S was super patient with me, even when I was tired and crying on a bus feeling like an idiot for taking us 20 minutes in the wrong direction. We eventually found success though and took all of the takings back to the apartment to settle in and have a picnic while watching Dollhouse. A perfect end to a wonderful week together!


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