Spring Bags

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Hello for real this time!

Though my first real post should probably be something introductory, an about me of sorts, but you have an about me page you can look at anytime you want. I’d rather keep the mystery alive a little longer and let you figure me out in time. Of course, in about a month, I’ll break down and be avoiding a paper or something of the sort and decided that now is the absolutely best time to tell you all about myself.

Instead today, I’m going to be talking about a subject very near and dear to my heart…


I am a purse fiend, and having finally completed my basic collection with the purchase of a very adorable black leather bowling bag from Banana Republic this Christmas, I am ready and raring to find myself a cute spring tote.

I’m currently carrying a Longchamps Le Pliage large in black, which you can see pictured here:

While this bag is very near and dear to my heart, it is getting a bit beat up carrying my laptop and books to every class as well as to visit my s.o. every other week. I live every day in fear that the handles are going to snap off, which may send me into a spiraling pit of despair. I’m also really ready for spring despite the horrible New England weather and a bit sick of carrying a black bag, no matter how convenient it may be.

Thus the solution is, of course, to buy a new bag (don’t worry, the Longchamps isn’t going any where except my closet for a few months). Here are my requirements for a new bag: has to be big enough to fit my laptop and a binder, as well as a few miscellaneous small extras like pens, and maybe even a water bottle. The straps must go over my shoulder. I have a slight preference for a zipped bag, but that is not essential. The bag also can’t look too ridiculously American, as I will be spending the next year in Paris (which you probably already know by the title of my blog).

That having been said, here are the bags in the running currently. Feel free to send me any suggestions if you have them.

Hervé Chapelier Shopper in Perle Tarama, $85

Hervé Chapelier Shopper in Emeraude Blanc, $85

Hervé Chapelier Shopper in Prunelle Blanc, $85

Marimekko Opaali Tote, $65-75

World Food Programme Feed Bag, 60$ – good conscience, but not the cutest bag.

Gap Batik Print Tote, $29.50

Old Navy Printed Raffia Beach Bag in Bottle Blue, $8.99

Old Navy Printed Raffia Beach Bag in Indian Red, $8.99

Old Navy Printed Raffia Beach Bag in O’Donnell Green, $8.99

Feel free to let me know what you think!


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